Divorce for High Net Worth Individuals

Unfortunately, whether there is money in the bank or not, divorce has the same stressful impact on every family, but where there is money there tends to be more legal involvement. One or both parties can allege the other is hiding assets or moving money out of accounts. It is important that you seek legal advice quickly to ensure the other party doesn’t remove assets from the joint account.

We act for parties from all walks of life and high net worth individuals are no different. We will listen empathetically and help put in place a plan to protect the assets of the family. In high net matters, one party is usually in stronger financial position based on their employment but this doesn’t mean the weaker spouse will get little by comparison.

If you have concerns that assets are being hidden from the financial disclosure process, we have access to specialist forensic accountants who can help find these assets and to assist with the valuation of business interests and comment on tax issues.

Having a divorce solicitor who specialises in complex or high value divorce and who understands all the aspects of your case and the relevant law will help you achieve the best outcome in your case.

There may be valuable assets at stake, such as large pensions, shares, land, companies or farms.

At MM Family Law Solicitors we understand the thought of legal costs can add to your stress, and while you may be reluctant to engage a solicitor in the hope that you can deal with it yourself, the risk of losing out financially from trying to deal with matters yourself in this demanding time is far outweighed by the cost of specialist legal advice.