About MM Family Law Solicitors

MM Family Law Solicitors specialise in the area of Family Law. We are committed to the ongoing emotional and financial health of our clients with a child-centred approach. Our expertise and advocacy coupled with empathy and kindness allows us to provide sophisticated and targeted advice to our clients. In our office you are more than a file name and a number.

Qualifications & Awards

MM Family Law is the only specialised Family Law practice in the Mid-West region. We are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest professional standards for our clients, by continuously keeping up to date with Family Law developments both at home and abroad. We are members of the Law Society of Ireland, as well as of the Family Lawyers Association of Ireland. Martina Murphy, the principal of the practice, has over 17 years of family law experience and is also an Accredited Family Law Mediator.

MM Family Law is the only dedicated Family Law practice in Ireland to achieve the LQ Legal Standard for quality in the provision of legal services. This award recognises those firms who demonstrate excellence in the provision of legal services coupled with transparency in relation to communication and costs.

Our solicitors are frequently asked to provide seminars and Information sessions on family law topics to domestic violence organisations, charities and third level educators.   

Why talk to MM Family Law Solicitors?

Family Law is inherent to our practice, so whatever your situation is, it will be familiar to us. Our team combines expertise and technical knowledge of the law with empathy and understanding.

From our initial meeting with you, we will listen to you, your concerns and goals. We will help you negotiate the legal setting to put in place a framework to deal with the breakdown of your relationship.

We show compassion and care in our practice, while also being cost-effective in achieving the best possible outcomes for you.

Family situations can be difficult even at the best of times, so when things fall apart you need a solicitor who understands what you are going through and who can guide you through this difficult time.

We care about our clients and we pride ourselves on our client care, which is second to none.