Divorce Settlement

Does every case go to court?

No. In fact, the vast majority of divorce cases are settled without a judge having to make a decision.

What are the benefits of reaching an agreement outside of court?

Reaching an agreement out of court benefits both parties as they decide the outcome between them rather than a judge making orders that, in all likelihood, neither party will be entirely satisfied with. Another big advantage to out-of-court divorce settlements is that it takes less time and money than it would if the case proceeds to a full hearing.

By negotiating a divorce settlement out of court, the lines of communication are open and can help to reduce the acrimony and stress that a court hearing inevitably brings. The parties are in control of their own futures as such.

Settling the matter without the court’s intervention is also far more beneficial when there are children involved.

Client Testimonial

Martina and her team were really supportive during my separation. She was always there at the other end of the phone. I was very happy with the outcome of the case“.

Laura, West Limerick