Filing for Divorce

When clients want to file for divorce, they are understandably concerned about what their divorce or separation is going to cost them. We understand this is a serious concern for you and we strive to be transparent with fees.

While it might be a cliché to say it, every case is different. The cost will depend on whether the matter goes to Court or can be settled beforehand by the parties. Where the separation has been acrimonious and/or the financial situation of the parties is complex, it will take more time and money to resolve. We always encourage our clients to provide full and honest disclosure of their financial position which we in turn expect from the other side before we recommend any settlement proposals.

As the case progresses, you will be regularly updated on costs (both incurred and anticipated). You will have full visibility of how the costs are incurred and we will work with you to help structure your costs where possible, e.g. through a payment plan.

To speak to a solicitor about your case and get an estimate of costs when filing for divorce, please call or email us to arrange an appointment.