Probate Estate Administration

When a loved one passes away, we understand it is a difficult and emotional time for their family. Having to deal with estate administration can be a daunting task, but we can answer the questions that may run through your mind, such as:

  • Did the deceased have a Will? If yes, where is it?
  • Where are the title deeds – what happens with the mortgage, the house insurance?
  • What bank accounts were there?
  • Are there shares? Where are the certificates? How much are they worth?
  • If there is a business or a farm, who will run it?
  • Are there debts? What about taxes?
  • I wasn’t married to the deceased, where do I stand?
  • What rights do the children have? 

The list of questions can be extensive so we are here to help. 

Our Wills solicitors offer efficient and practical help to you in this difficult time.

What does the probate service cover?

  • Advice about the estate administration process and duties of Executors/Administrators.
  • Enquiries to attempt to establish the whereabouts of any Will.
  • Preliminary enquiries to ascertain the assets and liabilities of the estate.
  • Preparation and supply of documentation required to apply for the grant of probate/administration.
  • Making an application to the Probate Office for the Grant of Representation.
  • Collecting any assets of the estate.
  • The discharge of any liabilities of the estate including testamentary expenses.
  • Distribution of the estate according to the terms of the will or the intestacy rules.


Costs are decided on a case by case basis. Once we establish your requirements, the number of assets in the estate, and have examined the terms of the Will or the intestacy provisions in each case, we will provide a clear cost for the fees.

Client Testimonial

“Martina and the staff are beyond wonderful and make you feel really welcome. So professional and a delight to speak with. By far the best solicitor I’ve used. Thank you!”