Child Access

At all times when dealing with your matter, your children and what is in their best interest is central to our advice and handling of your case. We take great care to listen to your concerns and discuss the various options before embarking on a course of action. 

It is always preferable for parents to come to an agreement between themselves for arrangements in relation to their children.  This can be difficult, however, when there is animosity and friction between the parents who are themselves trying to deal with the breakdown of their relationship.

Our child law solicitors can help you to negotiate with your former spouse an arrangement that is best for the children and for the parents.

Where there has been a history of issues in relation to access, we recommend that our clients get any agreements made an Order of the Court so that they are legally enforceable. Where the parties cannot reach agreement, we support our clients in bringing an application to the Court to decide. The Court will similarly place the children’s best interests at the heart of any Order that it deems appropriate.

Court action should be used as a last resort and the welfare of the children will remain the paramount consideration.