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Posted on 11 April 2021

Given the uncertain times we now find ourselves living in as a result of CODID 19, it is more important than ever to make a Will. Dying without making a Will can cause significant problems for the people you leave behind and should be avoided at all costs.

A Will is a must for at least five good reasons:

  1. First and foremost, a Will puts you in control. You decide who gets what and when. Without A Will, people outside of your family will not receive anything or members of your family may not receive what you would have wished for them to inherit.
  2. It will save money: It is often quicker, cheaper and less stressful to administer an Estate where there is a will. A Will allows you to minimise the taxes your children or other beneficiaries may have to pay.
  3. Without a Will, the fate of your assets, and your family will be determined by the law of intestacy and that can produce undesirable results.  Your grandchildren could miss out if you die intestate as your assets will pass to a surviving spouse and children meaning the generation after will not benefit. With a Will you can allocate assets to go to grandchildren and you can appoint Trustees to manage their financial affairs until they are able to manage their assets themselves.
  4. Without a Will, you cannot leave contributions to a charity or church. Only a Will can specify how much money you wish to leave to your favourite charity. This is more important now given that donations to charities have fallen significantly. 
  5. You can nominate someone to act as a guardian for your minor children under the age of 18. Without a Will, you might end up with people you would not have chosen to have the legal responsibility for their welfare.

Please do not leave anything to chance- get in touch with Ms. Alva Cronin of Martina Murphy Solicitors today for information regarding our Wills Service. We can professional draft your Will for you or aid you in reviewing your existing Will.

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